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What Is ParetoLogic Anti Virus Plus?
ParetoLogic Anti Virus Plus is a top quality anti virus program that has everything you require to keep your computer protected. The good thing about this program is you can customize it the way you want to. This means that you can choose which part of your system you want scanned or you can set it up to provide security. With ParetoLogic, you now have the power of choice.

Free System Scan
The ParetoLogic anti virus program is quite simple to install, set up and run. You can also download the anti virus software and conduct a free system scan which will tell you the actual status of your computer. It will provide you a status report of the infected areas on your computer. If you want to remove the infections and get your computer cleaned thoroughly, you will have to purchase the ParetoLogic Anti Virus Plus software.

Simple And Easy To Use
This program is pretty simple and easy to use. There are quite a few things that you can do with this program. You can schedule it to provide for scans even in your absence. You can now opt for a full scan or select a quick scan or go for a customized scan. A customized scan will allow you to choose those parts of the system that you want scanned for suspected infections.

User Friendly
Further, this program is quite user friendly and you will have no difficulty in navigating through it. The custom setting is pretty interesting and you will have no trouble whatsoever in setting it up to do what you want it to do. The good thing about the program is that you can carry on with your other works even while the scanning is in progress, without the system slowing down even once.

ParetoLogic Anti-Virus Plus

Main Features
The ParetoLogic Anti Virus Plus is loaded with a host of features that are pretty good. Though it may not match the features of more expensive anti virus programs, it still is quite good and contains features like:

  • Detecting and removing viruses, spyware and other kinds of malware.
  • This program helps in the detection and elimination of some of the most advanced threats by following a complete scanning and cleaning process.
  • This program blocks access to malware related URLs.
  • It helps detect and remove rootkits which try to stop the detection of malware in your system.
  • With its regular and free updates, this program keeps your system protected against any kind of threats.

Block, Delete And Clean Threats Automatically
This anti virus software helps in detecting different kinds of malware, rootkits, spyware, script based infections and adware. You can now actually set the program to delete and clean threats automatically.

Automated Daily Updates
Further, this program constantly keeps upgrading its definition database in order to protect your systems against any new threats. The definition database updates are free and just like any other program updates. The updates can be performed manually or you can set the program to update automatically.

Online Support
If you are held up with any problem, you can find detailed solutions in the software itself. Further, it is backed by ParetoLogic’s online support. Once you have registered yourself you can access ParetoLogic’s knowledge base where you can go through various FAQs and submit queries online, if any. You can now be a part of their customer forum also.

Good Anti Virus Program
Finally, the ParetoLogic Anti Virus Plus is a well designed program that is not just user friendly but is also equipped with a host of features to help protect your computer system. So, if you are looking for a good anti virus program designed by a company of repute and which is quite affordable, then you should try the ParetoLogic Anti Virus Plus. It surely works!

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What Others Say
“I have removed the McAfee Anti-Virus. My computer seems to be working a lot better. With the support you have given me and the suggestion to remove the McAfee system, the computer is much, much better in performance. Thank you for all of your support. I will keep running the ParetoLogic Anti-Virus Plus. If I have any future problems, I will certainly know where to come for help. Thanks for putting up with my lack of knowledge.”

“Hello: Just want to express my appreciation for your help in getting rid of the virus that invaded my computer since last Saturday. You guys are excellent in your performance and I would highly recommend your anti-virus software to all my friends. As a matter of fact, a few of my friends encountered similar problem in the past and ended up having their hard-drive reformatted or paying a lot to the repair shop.
I just want to say a big Thank you again. I am pleased I have selected ParetoLogic.”


“I chose ParetoLogic as a result of my online research for the best anti-virus product available, ending my long time frustration with McAfee. Already, I have had more communication with your company than I ever had with them, simply because they are unreachable!
Thank you for a great product and great service!”

Hugh Kirk

“I have used ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS & Privacy Controls for about a year now and I’m very impressed with both programs. The antivirus is the best I ever used, it keeps me safe, it is easy to use, and does a thorough job every time it scanes, is also keeps up the high performance of the two computers that I run it on, one is my personal computer and the other is my sons and it spends most of its life on the Internet playing games, neither he or I have a problem with the program.

With all the other virus programs I’ve tried I have found that the computer slows down,, with ParetoLogic antivirus the working speed of computers seems to stay the same as it was new. I think that this is because it blocks out all threats.. I have no hesitation in recommending this antivirus program to my friends and family or anybody for use on personal computers. It works and works well…

Paretologic have a very good support network. When the small problems arise they are dealt with efficiently and effectively and timely. I have only had small problems with privacy control but wam bam they’re fixed… simple very understandable answers are given very promptly were any problems that arise.

They should give the prize to their efforts at all work and they all work well …”

Laurie Bishop

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