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Slow running PC? Errors? Scan, repair, optimize and fix slow computer in 1 minute. 100% guaranteed!

SpeedyPC Pro SpeedyPC Pro 
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Safely fix problems
SpeedyPC Pro is an easy way to maintain your PC and Windows. By using its easy-to-use interface, SpeedyPC Pro will search and scan your PC for errors that can lead to a slow, freezing and crashing PC. After the search and scan it will safely fix these problems and restore your computer’s performance and speed.

Best performance possible
Solving these errors and problems can be done without worry as SpeedyPC Pro features a build in backup function that allows you to revert to a previous working state if something goes wrong. SpeedyPC Pro helps you to optimize and maintain your computer for the best performance possible.

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Run Windows at high-speed
The Windows database contains a huge amount of information about your computer, with details about all settings, controls, options, and operation. SpeedyPC Pro scans the Windows database for waste and junk files and cleans them out of the way so that your computer will run better and faster. When SpeedyPC Pro tidies up these entries, programs will have faster access to the data they need so Windows will run at high-speed again and you can get back to enjoying while you use your computer.

Easy to Follow Steps

Step 1: Start Scan< SpeedyPC Pro scans a wide range of categories. Scan them all, or select the ones you need.
Step 2: Scanning for Problems and Errors
Scanning with SpeedyPC Pro is easy! It will automatically detect problems and errors.

SpeedyPC Pro Step 1 and 2

Step 3: Fix the Errors
SpeedyPC Pro displays a summary of each error found. You can see where each error is on your computer, along with a description.

Step 4: Check the Results
After cleaning, the total number of repairs made in each category is displayed. Now you can enjoy an error-free and fast computer again!

SpeedyPC Pro Step 3 and 4

Clean up after removing spyware infections
Often, anti-virus and anti-spyware programs will remove the dangerous parts of an infection, but leave behind other items that clutter up the Windows database. SpeedyPC Pro search, scans and removes these virus and spyware leftovers, and removes them from your computer. As a result, your computer will be more streamlined, with improved reliability and faster performance.

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    Key Features
  • Optimize your PC for the best system performance and speed

  • Fix your Windows taskbar to find things more easily

  • Control system resources with Tuner for Startup items

  • Full Backup lets you speed up with confidence

  • Fix Windows Crashes

  • Fix Uninstall Errors

  • Fix Slow Start Ups

  • Fix DLL Errors

  • Fix Annoying Error Messages

  • Cleans Registry

  • Fix Reduced Performance

  • Fix Broken File Extensions

  • Fix Invalid Application Paths

  • Removes virus and spyware leftovers

  • Fix Application Errors

  • Fix Desktop Clutter

  • Fix Problems with Help Files

System Requirements
– Processor: 733 MHz or better
– RAM: Minimum 256 MB
– Hard Disk: 15 MB free space recommended
– Operating Systems:
——————————— Windows® 7 Operating System (32- and 64-bit)
——————————— Windows Vista® (32- and 64-bit)
——————————— Windows® XP
——————————— Windows® ME
——————————— Windows® 2000
——————————— Windows® 98SE

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